बुधवार, 8 दिसंबर 2010

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मेरे प्यारे  दोस्तों ,
My last message against terrorists brought out a volley of criticism, and thus I withdrew the same. I am amazed to find the number of terrorist sympathisers in this country. I suppose it is natural. We love portraying ourselves as intellectuals who love democracy and freedom even if it means appeasing anti national and anti human elements. We love all this till the blow falls on our own families and friends. Sorry, I cannot love criminals. I am not so broadminded, nor am I a saint. I am a simple human being in whom anger flares up whenever and wherever she sees injustice and violence.

Secondly, as has happened before, my spiritual messages have been questioned and criticised from time to time. Even though I have always taken time out from a busy job and other work to be courteous to everyone, last night, I was accused of being rude and rough in my behaviour. And this has not been the first time. All this is not only killing the spontaneity within me, but is also making me extremely formal while talking to people. If I have to think a hundred times before posting anything to anyone, then there is no point in me being anywhere in any social network. Being a sensitive and emotional person who has throughout life acted spontaneously, all this is actually hampering my mental peace.

I am taking some time away and thus will be away from social networking till Christmas. I may or may not come back. Depends on many factors. I shall also not be available over the phone or through any other medium except the e-mail.

Wishing everyone a very happy winter and a great holiday season. God bless you all.

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